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Energy Work – It Works!

Horses are naturally intuitive to the energy around them. The Wild Horsemanship Center (WHC) team is very conscious of this reality and uses it to help them to connect to their horses in training. A true connection with a horse creates a safer horse for the human. There is no more important place for the need of a safe horse than in a therapeutic riding setting. Chris Cook is working extensively with Special Equestrians of Ft. Myers, Florida to help the humans understand and identify the skills and energy levels needed to develop this connection with their horses.
The success they are enjoying is remarkable. Please see our story about Kyler below! The fact that his therapy horse, Wishy, progressed to the point that Kyler could trot Wishy independently brought about a dramatic change for this young rider.
Horses Helping Humans
Chris Cook successfully addressed issues with this therapeutic riding horse at Special Equestrians. Amy Oxendine, one of Special Equestrian’s PATH instructors is riding the horse which is now ready to be ridden independently by students. This equals a new job and productive life for the horse and expanded therapy opportunities for the riding center.
Your Support Makes All This Possible!
Wild Horsemanship Center appreciates YOU. With your support, we are providing programs that make life better for people and horses.

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It costs $40 per person to provide the Horses Helping Humans 101 Workshop conducted at WHC or $50 per person when Chris travels to a therapeutic riding facility. Please consider sponsoring a workshop or a participant with a gift today.
You can have a direct impact on the ability of therapeutic riding programs to provide safer, more satisfying services for people and the horses which provide this exceptional therapy.
We are committed to organizational transparency and using donation dollars wisely to fulfill our mission. Please visit and view our profile under Wild Horsemanship Center, Inc.
Kyler’s mother wrote to Special Equestrians:
“This picture is so priceless. It literally speaks one thousand words. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Kyler won’t read for ANYONE, but he read to Wishy tonight. The moment was truly amazing. I will never in all my life forget this moment. ”
Wishy is a therapy horse at Special Equestrians in Fort Myers, Florida.
Chris Cook and Amy Oxendine, of Special Equestrians, have been working with Wishy to help her respond with less pressure, turn and change directions with softness and stop with intention and lightness.
Special Equestrians has a reading program and Kyler would tell his sidewalkers that he couldn’t read. The last time Kyler rode, he was able to trot Wishy independently because of her improved responsiveness. This new found independence grew Kyler’s confidence immensely. Kyler was encouraged to try to read a page in a book while on the horse. He did so in a quiet manner. When he dismounted, he was asked to read something to Wishy. Kyler did so with improved confidence and strength in his voice.
We at WHC are so proud to be able to assist Special Equestrians in their riding program, and we wish the best for Kyler – you have a great future ahead of you!
Wild Horsemanship Center is hosting Garrick Pasini April 21-23, 2017
Learn the progression from Hackamores to Bridle Bits and the secrets of this beautiful tradition!
All levels of riders and horses are welcome
Contact Chris for registration:
Wild Horsemanship Center Hosted Patrick King February 17-20, 2017
The event was well received as confirmed by one of the attendees:
“This was great! You gave me some good pcs to use. I will keep in mind ” The seat initiates… the leg motivates… the rein validates” and I really like the idea of not babysitting with my legs. Great job, guys.”
Wild Horsemanship Center would like to extend Special Thanks to the leadership at Special Equestrians,Inc. of Fort Myers, Florida
Key Supporters of our Education Program include: Dee Hollander, Head Instructor Justin Parchen, Instructor Amy Oxendine, Instructor
Executive Team: Bob Murray, President Erin Houck-Tool, Vice President Sarah Lacy, Secretary Fredia Jones, Co-Treasurer Brenda Morrow, Co-Treasurer Jan Fifer, Executive Director Sherry Gilbert, Board Member Priscilla Kopalsky, Board Member